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Study claims women still feel intimidated by motor industry. Really?

A new international study runs the risk of copper-fastening prejudices about women and the motor industry.

It strongly suggests women still feel intimidated and poorly served by those in the business.

That follows an analysis of 64,000 online reviews, yielding the blunt verdict that 43 per cent of women just don't trust car dealerships.

But is it really true? Of Irish dealerships especially?

I think it is not, by any means, but I don't have clinical data.

The research was carried out by CDK Global (the company provides integrated information technology and digital marketing solutions to the motor industry, among others).

It points to how many women said they felt they were "at a disadvantage when looking to buy a car, due to their gender".

So, more than two in five "don't trust the automotive industry and often describe their experiences very differently to men".

But I still don't buy it. We've moved on from this, surely?

Key words kept cropping up in the data: 'stressed', 'overwhelmed', 'taken advantage' and 'panic'.

I think they are hugely strong terms. Instinct and experience tells me they are not reflective of the Irish scene. So is it scaremongering or fact?

Sole traders saving €12k tax on cars

A budget measure that has escaped widespread attention means sole traders can save around €12,000 on income tax if they buy an electric vehicle (EV).

Under the Accelerated Capital Allowances deal, self-employed sole traders who buy an EV can front-load the depreciation on the car for the first year and save close to €12,000 on their tax bill.

According to Nissan chief executive James McCarthy, "When people finally wake up to this, there will be a flood of sole traders looking to get into an electric vehicle. It's a direct deduction from your tax bill."

It is also in addition to zero Benefit-in-Kind (BIK) for those who drive an electric company car. Boosted by such incentives, EV sales are expected to double here next year, albeit from a small base.

And this year's cumulative total of 3,200 is forecast to increase to 14,000 by 2020. The biggest constraint on growth in the medium term will be supply of product as demand is picking up quickly across Europe.

Also restricting pickup is lack of a centralised structure here to manage and develop the whole EV system and charging network.

Mr McCarthy criticised local authorities for clamping cars while they are being charged, especially in Dublin city centre.

"We need a local authority 'buy-in' and joined-up thinking for investment in the infrastructure," he said.

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